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 Zeus Ball Zeus Ball - Medusa wreaking havoc everywhere turning to stone innocent, Zeus looks forward to your help, your only weapon - the ball of Zeus. You must move the statue on the pedestal of magic to revive once again fallen under the spell.
 Toki Tory Toki Tory - the game is to collect all the eggs on the level. To achieve this goal, the player must use a variety of things whether it be a bridge, teleport or anything else. It should also avoid enemies or use them with a gun-freezing for the solution of the problem.
 Doodle God

Doodle God - Create your own world, using all four elements!

 Odd One Out: Candytilt

Odd One Out: Candytilt - an interesting puzzle based on laws of physics. Candytilt - empties the machines with gum, adding or removing an element of the automaton until it rotates the gum will not fall.


Quell - a very interesting puzzle. The player's task in this game moving the ball around the portal on the playing field.

 Quell Reflect

Quell Reflect - excellent extension puzzle Quell. The player's task in this game is to collect pearls at making the least possible moves.

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