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 Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga - this sweet arcade game for fans of the genre, "three-in-row." You find yourself in a candy shop, where he helps a little girl to go through many unique worlds, sorting sweets. The game has many levels, each of which is filled with goodies candy world, as well as bonuses that add extra points.

 No Pimple

No Pimple - Fun games - all hate pimples on the face. Let's begin to help patients make all the procedures for the face and remove all the pimples. What would each of them imeyul smooth skin and become beautiful.

 The Wild Kingdoms v.0.0.1

The Wild Kingdoms - an epic role-playing card game, where we dive into the world of fantasy card. Venture into the mysterious realm Eruba where you build armies, form views, control the forces of nature and use magic against your enemies.

 Pocket Academy

Pocket Academy - for those who like to build, you can now build a college of your dreams! Build classes for lessons, sports halls and other rooms. The whole college life in your hands! If you do not have the experience to manage such a building then go ahead!

 Sonic Advance Sonic Advance - Sonic the hedgehog adventure. Soundly made toys in the first place fits all seasoned fans of the hero of this bullet, and the rest did not hurt a bit to unwind.

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