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Baseball RiotBaseball Riot - Puzzle pro baseball, from which the game will be very small. Using a complex landscape to their advantage need to hit multiple targets for a certain number of beats. Nice graphics, classic gameplay mechanics like all the players. But what saddened because this is the need to purchase the full version.
 EggPunch 2 Background EggPunch 2 rather sad. Rabbit always wanted to fly, but not any of his gimmicks and mechanisms rocket backpack and aeronautic machines could not quench his thirst free flight. Being in a bad mood, he decides to kidnap feathers hatchling. Chasing eared begins!
 Marble Heroes Marble Heroes - a new genre mix of collectible card game with a small little bit of RPG in the Asian style. Graphics and gameplay mechanics sustained it in the preferences of the region. The project has a nice picture, numerous opportunities for the development and configuration, a huge range of items, heroes and monsters.

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