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IgnatiusIgnatius - a fun platformer with puzzle elements designed in popular dark gray graphic style. But unlike many similar projects here there is a good portrayal of objects, objects and characters. This quality makes it much better. Immerse yourself in a dark world full of dangers and challenges and to unravel its secret.
Whack the Burglars - RobbersWhack the Burglars - Robbers - a direct continuation of the game Whack Your Neighbour. Once the harmful and not very clever neighbor was over once and for all, and remains, the traces and evidence destroyed, the main character and his dog decided to rest from daily cares and lay down to take a nap. So quietly crept up the night, and with it the gang of robbers.
 LIMBO LIMBO - a multi-platform project was recognized gamers, positive press reviews, numerous awards and served as the progenitor of a whole heap of similar games of varying quality. Travel boy in a strange world in black and white, full of dangers and traps necessarily appeal to all fans of non-standard brodilok.

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