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City Bus Simulator CraftCity Bus Simulator Craft - nice bus simulator with many familiar graphic style. Easy operation makes it easy to maneuver in dense urban areas and thus have time to include turn signals, signals to other drivers, and more. By the way, the bots is very smart and will try to avoid a collision in an emergency.
Catch the BusCatch the Bus - is an epic story about the incredible tragedy of Shakespearean scope of which must have visited almost all the people on this planet who live in large cities. It's about that moment when you go around the corner to his bus stop and you can see how correct your fun growling bus goes and you is not going to wait for it.
Lane RacerLane Racer - unpretentious arcade game about the next race with obstacles, but with a nice graphics and sometimes challenging gameplay. Ideal for those who want to have fun free time and quickly pump up its response. Sharp turns and changes in the integrity of the roadway will require gamers very precise eye estimation.
 Dr. Panda bus for Christmas Dr.Panda bus for Christmas - a free special edition dedicated to the New Year holidays. Like all other games about our versatile hero, it is designed for children ages 3 to 7 years. But I suspect that many representatives of the "older" age like a bus driver to stay in this magical time of year.

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