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High Speed ​​Police ChaseHigh Speed Police Chase - multiplayer arcade game in which one player plays for the robber, and another for the police. One needs to catch up with the other, and that, in turn, to throw off the tail of the pursuer. The action takes place in a dense urban environment, and therefore of driving skill and speed of reaction depends on the success of both.
The Bad CatThe Bad Cat - shooter with beautiful graphics and animations created based on the popular cartoon about the Turkish evil cat, who despite his terrible kind of not really doing anything wrong, just so it made ​​the attitude of different people. Many of them just dream to see him dead or locked up in a cage.
 CrazyFist II - Great War CrazyFist II - Great War - runner with elements of action and RPG. The plot refers to mythology and ancient legends mixed with fantasy inserts. Different heroes have to go to an exciting chase through the kingdom of the dead for the death incarnate and caught up with her, with all possible force to teach her for any transgressions. Epic sweep and beautiful graphics are present.
 Car Toon Town Car Toon Town - arcade racing about nice cars, which are accelerated for some reason the sound of the old model bus "Icarus". Players will enjoy the beautiful graphics, well-drawn endless trails, nice looking car. Push the pedal to the floor, cut off, thereby earning points and money, collect a variety of bonuses and discover all the possibilities of this game.
 Daddy Was A Thief
Pink slip radically changed the life of the protagonist. The need to provide for his family pushes him to the criminal path. Memorize "Robbery for Dummies" he raided the largest bank. Inexperience, lack of experience and a new alarm system quickly determined the nature of what is happening. And now dad lam.

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