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Little Pets Animal GuardiansLittle Pets Animal Guardians - a very nice casual project its gameplay mechanics strongly reminiscent of the classic clicker only extremely unhurried process. Nice soundtrack, which is very quickly get bored, adds creativity to the game and immediately shows that there is no hurry, but, in general, and why not.
Snapimals: Discover AnimalsSnapimals: Discover Animals - smart casual game for children, which will introduce young gamers with various representatives of the animal world, will show photos and to assess the skills of Wildlife Photography, as well as will provide a lot of pleasure from the construction and development of the best museums on the planet.
PlumpFishPlumpFish - a great casual game that is ideal for young gamers. Cute characters, colorful graphics, good story and is very easy gameplay mechanics will delight all children (and their parents too). A large number of levels for a long time to calm even the most restless owner android device.
Porta-PilotsPorta-Pilots - a new project from people who are very fond of history and all the forces trying to instill this feeling of the younger generation. And they do it very original - creating an exciting adventure game. At this time we are waiting for a fascinating journey through different eras using a time machine.
Fiete - A day on the farmFiete - A day on the farm - a new educational application for children cheerful about Fite and his two friends Hinnerk and Haina. As always, you are waiting for an interactive mini-games, beautiful graphics, beautiful animation, funny characters, good humor, the sea of ​​useful information and exciting gameplay. As well as the complete absence of any cash transactions.
 Pet Space Adventure Pet Space Adventure - an exciting arcade game for the whole family. Embark on an exciting space travel in the company of true friends. Explore the vast expanses of the universe, solve puzzles unpretentious, participate in interactive mini-games. Beautiful graphics, kind gameplay, nice soundtrack and other features like all children.

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