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Cubie AdventureCubie Adventure - this is a great adventure cute creatures angular prefer clean lines and a lot of faces. Yes, and they live on floating islands built from cubes. The project has beautiful graphics, lots of levels, and gradually increasingly complex gameplay that will require us good speed and quickness of action.
Slip SlopSlip Slop - nice arcade game of survival in which we need from a good care, speed and above all the correct actions when navigating the obstacle course constructed between the protagonist and those whom he must save from the treacherous traps and the labyrinth stuffed with numerous traps.
Cube Skyland: Farm CraftCube Skyland: Farm Craft - game-farm events which developed in a very unusual for fans of the world. The project is a reinterpretation of a well-known fairy tales all. In the role of the main character we'll go into the magical world zazhivёm and again in a new place. A beautiful and luscious graphics, as well as the original landscape makes common tasks into a real adventure.
Crossy MazeCrossy Maze - an exciting arcade game where events develop in a fantasy universe with straight lines and angles. Characters - cubes, moving occur for square tiles only in four directions, and so on. Cute graphics, original findings and relatively high complexity of the gameplay will please all lovers of exciting entertainment.
Traffic Rush 2Traffic Rush 2 - addictive arcade game with a "cubic" hardcore graphics and gameplay. Besides the standard of pleasure from the gameplay, this project is well developed eye estimation, coordination, reaction speed and decision-making. The slightest mistake and have to start all over again. Fans waiting for challenging lessons really interesting test.
Cube Zombie WarCube Zombie War - the story of survival in the midst of the burst zombiapokalipsisa. And the intrigue would be if we had not seen it dozens and dozens of times. Standard graphics cube humans, endless gameplay mode where you need to constantly repel attacks waves walking and other customary chips can entertain only a couple of minutes.
 Under the Sun Under the Sun - puzzle in 4D. Unique game mechanics and beautiful graphics create a really interesting process. Among the huge number of possible options for action players need only find the correct sequence and get to your destination. And this will help to control the flow of time.

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