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Hotel Transylvania 2Hotel Transylvania 2 - urban project in the scenery of the second part of the popular cartoon about a hotel for monsters. Millennial foundations were destroyed by mistake when it populate a tourist. Since then, residents have revised their outlook on life and people and decided to gradually integrate into modern society.
Thunder Jack's Log RunnerThunder Jack's Log Runner - a fascinating and sometimes funny arcade. Its purpose - to test the consistency and patience gamers, as well as their accuracy, sense of coordination and the ability to quickly make a decision. In general, the game on the reaction. Survive as long as possible in a very unusual fun severe deaf residents hinterland and become a legend for them.
MyFreeZoo MobileMyFreeZoo Mobile - a real simulator zoo or any mobile and huge with large spacious enclosures, lots of varied and diverse wildlife, a variety of entertainers rides, cotton candy and ice cream stalls. Every child dreams of becoming the owner of this temple of happiness and pleasure.
Oblivion - Mission OblivionOblivion - Mission Oblivion - not an easy entertaining arcade game with superb graphics, simple gameplay and lots of different QTE-scenes. Embark on an exciting journey through the different universes, neon tunnels in the world of speed and beautiful special effects, as well as tricky questions without correct answers to which will not go far.

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