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THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief GameTHEFT Inc.Stealth Thief Game - stealth-action game in which we turned into a top-class thief, and under cover of night umyknёm various valuable items during the execution of various tasks. Not a bad idea faces a hideous optimization and animation of all actions. And the linearity is happening seriously spoil the impression of the gameplay.
 Train Runner Train Runner refers to the genre of arcade or platforming, as you wish. Simple gameplay mechanics nevertheless require you to maximum concentration and skill. The slightest slip and your hero dies extremely painful way. Nice color palette, classic sound of the train and never-ending process will appeal to connoisseurs of such projects.
 Garbage Hero One hero dressed not in tight leotards, and work clothing. He does not hide his face, but no one notices. But, like others he proceeds to commit deeds at night while everyone slept. He Garbage Hero and he sort of waste, thereby saving the city from collapse garbage. Stand with him to protect people.

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