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Arcane Quest HDArcane Quest HD - re-release of the cult old school role-playing game with better graphics, the ability to control the camera on several axes, the corrected inaccuracies and of course some modifications in the gameplay. This release is sure to please all fans of the series and those who missed the first part in the time and the sign only with the other.
WarlordsWarlords - very addictive turn-based strategy with the global map. Beautiful graphics and an interesting tactical component will appeal to all who want without the hassle and complexity pokrushit opponents without much suffering from retaliation. A lengthy story line allows for a long time to plunge into the world of fantasy battle.
WH40K: Carnage Champions Despite its long-established and unbreakable phenomenal cult status Warhammer universe continues regularly to please their fans with new projects in all epochs. That WH40K: Carnage Champions offers a fascinating and very exciting adventure conjugate with incredible danger.
Tiny ArchersTiny Archers - fascinating and above all very beautiful game in which gamers will be its accuracy, agility, and quickness. Unfortunately in the project on an ongoing basis is present Donat, which can seriously spoil the impression of the gameplay. Become a conventional guard with onions in a fantasy realm to which the enemy is about to be attacked.
Will HeroWill Hero - elegant arcade with a simple but beautiful graphics and unusual gameplay mechanics and a great variability of what is happening. Princess was in trouble - it kidnapped the leader of the orcs. Hefty such bull Green-cubic form. Well, in general, that, like all the inhabitants of this angular universe. But our hero is not afraid of danger and rushed to the rescue.
Blade Hero The main hero of the game Blade Hero is not valiant, brave knight in shining armor, but a real brutal Orc perfectly wielding a variety of two-handed axes and other huge-sharp deadly objects. But in spite of his wild appearance and character, he an ardent advocate of good and justice. For which he was punished.
Orcs Clickers Simulation tapas are becoming more and more popular, but they quickly become boring and the final 15 minutes of senseless beatings screen is to remove the game from the phone and from memory. But the creators of Orcs have decided that evolution - it's good, and brought in its draft notes of the usual RPG and a little humor. And it turned out pretty good.
OrcWarOrcWar - real time strategy game, where the role of your wards will act and wild green-skinned orcs. You will find a classical system of resource extraction, construction and employment. A bloody battle with the beautiful graphics will delight all fans of battles. Lead your clan and bring it to prevail over the other tribes.
 Kings Land Kings Land - a game in the popular genre of MMO-strategies. Take command of the remnants of your subjects and build a new kingdom. Compete with competitors or form alliances and unions, but remember that the ancestral owners of the continent will be against all of you. Beautiful graphics, user-friendly and simple interface and lots of ways to please all of the fans.
 Hell Gate Hell Gate - it's fun and exciting, although shine with originality, game rubilovo. Go to the fantasy world full of magic, fierce warriors, bloodthirsty orcs, goblins, demons and other wildlife and fauna characteristic necrotic these universes. A beautiful graphics and RPG component will please those who like to shred adversary without being distracted.

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