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HandyBot HDHandyBot HD - cute puzzle game with good graphics, lots of levels, a pleasant soundtrack and classic gameplay mechanics familiar to all fans of this genre. We'll have to help the sweet robot to make his way through the intricacies of the interior of the space station in time to come to the aid of a person in distress.
RoofbotRoofbot - clever puzzles with multiple familiar gameplay mechanics, but with really nice graphics and an elaborated many levels. Good picture and cute character do half of all positive emotions from laying hard routes to the destination.
OPUS: The Day We Found EarthOPUS: The Day We Found Earth - a game once the former toll is now distributed as a demo with the ability to purchase the full version of this wonderful, unusual and a bit sad adventure story about a little robot with a big heart. We have to help him perform the difficult task of finding a planet called Earth.
Robot Conqueror Quite rarely falls to us in the games bad guy. People prefer to fight evil, to rescue princesses and personally deal with the main instigator of the next Katabasia with the end of the world. But Robot Conqueror offers us get under your control robot destroyer and bringing death and destruction to walk on different worlds.
 Gear Jack Black Hole Gear Jack Black Hole - endless adventure arcade game about a robot who wants to come back in a familiar world. Generated locations provide uniqueness of each passage, and great graphics and amazing style of the different worlds will please the eye of any spectator. A mission, mini-games, bonuses and improve nor get bored for a minute.

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