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 Masters of Mystery

Masters of Mystery - Crime of Fashion - game in the genre "I'm looking for." The fashion world of New York was shocked to learn of the murder of a famous fashion designer. We play a detective Carrie Chase, who is wanted by a serial killer, using modern technological devices.

 House of Slender

From the creators of "Call of Slender" you will experience even greater horror in the new House of Slender game in the genre of survival horror, thanks to the monster maniac Slenderman, yet it is called "stick insects", which kidnaps people! He is tall and very thin, always wears a black suit with a white shirt and tie. His arms bend anywhere, no joints and can be extended. He has no face.

 Call of Slender

Call of Slender - in this game you have to prove your courage, slendermenu show that you are not afraid to use his wits to survive. You have to use your mind and flashlight to collect all the hidden pages before slendermen take you ...

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