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SteamCranksSteamCranks - classic old school 2D arcade game in which we will survive in the labyrinth stuffed with traps and other deadly devices. Retro graphics to match her soundtrack generated levels and simple controls like everyone who bored the good old days.
The AetherlightThe Aetherlight - very beautiful and exciting adventure role-playing game. Excellent picture, distinct story (though not shine with originality), a well-designed high-tech universe of fantasy Middle Ages, and many other features and finds make this app deserves the attention of all who appreciate quality and exciting projects.
Steampunk RacingSteampunk Racing - racing project exciting events that take place in a unique fantasy-stimpankovskoy universe. Sal-shader graphics, well-chosen soundtrack and intense gameplay like all fans of the original games. Challenge the most eminent and prove that they are nothing compared to you.
Mine HeroesMine Heroes - another RPG tries to minimize the process of the fight and allow more time for a regular inventory and redistribution of the loot to obtain the best characteristics of the main character and his team. And to put it simply, we were again waiting for a lot of windows and tabs in which we spend most of the game.
HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALSHEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS - a wonderful and exciting project from the famous SQUARE ENIX. Welcome to the universe of steampunk, magic and parallel universes. The world, once this giant resting on the platforms of attached huge anchor chains. The place where the sky replaces the sea, and it will go aeronautic ships, and you - the young graduate school captains.
 Chronology Chronology - an exciting puzzle adventure, the events that will be developed in parallel in two time dimensions. You will find a wonderful hand-drawn graphics, high-quality story and a lot of fun to travel in search of the truth. Embark on a journey with a talented inventor and his friend snails to prevent the tragedy.
 The Boxtrolls Boxtroll - it is incredibly beautiful and very exciting scrolling runner made ​​in stimpankovskoy style. The creators of the familiar gameplay all turned into the most real adventure heroes who simply can not survive. Protect them from hunters and help them to release comrades from cells simultaneously collect cogs coins and perform various tasks.
 Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower - a game in the genre of "defense towers", or rather the protection of one of the tower. In this world of steampunk stylized occur hottest battle, and the battle for power and wealth. Following the laws of the genre is dominated by metal, concrete and glass. A structure of the object and have strange shapes and of course, there will be a lot of steam engines and gears of different sizes.

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