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FootLOLFootLOL - highly original sports project in okolofutbolnoy category in which gamers will have to become champions by following only one rule - "invent rules himself and himself to break them." Beautiful graphics, an extremely dynamic gameplay, a huge opportunity to win and development, as well as completely crazy storyline.
Rabbids Crazy Rush Ubisoft Entertainment is his fans a new story about the rabid rabbits in classic Rahner Rabbids Crazy Rush. Incredibly funny and extremely dangerous in their carelessness eared creation again ready for an exciting adventure and finding trouble on your ass. It's time to get to work.
Con Man: The GameCon Man: The Game - funny parody of the simulator and has taken as a basis for a television series with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion in the lead roles. We prikosnёmsya to the creation, organization and direct implementation of its own festival with many thousands of visitors stream and known the invited personalities.
Cube Escape: BirthdayCube Escape: Birthday - the continuation of the series-branch from the main game of the Rusty Lake, specializing in exciting quests. Their action usually takes place in a closed room and we do not have long to find the next puzzle. Elegant puzzle, madness and easy psychedelia, minimalism and original story will appeal to all who miss the classic.
Sky WhaleSky Whale or Kitolёt - new arcade adventure from the company Nickelodeon, known for its animated series and exciting games with unusual characters. And this time we are waiting for a lot of pleasure from the gameplay, funny moments and a pinch of craziness. It's not every day you meet a flying narwhal.

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