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Bushido SagaBushido Saga - beautiful shooter about a medieval Japan with elements of fantasy. Nice graphics, easy control during combat and long duration of gameplay for a long time entice all fans of the samurai and the rising sun. Perform your duty to honor and defend their overlord.
Castle ClickerCastle Clicker can be attributed to urban planning and to the clicker and even a little to the economic strategies. But most of the time you will spend Tapani monotonous across the screen. Mining - press, the construction of buildings - push, sent the ship on a trip and want to increase its speed - press. Fans of "simulators tapas" are sure to enjoy, all the rest is unlikely.
Blacksmith LabBlacksmith Lab - really interesting tapas simulator in which we do not carry out genocide monsters in another fantasy universe forever stuck in the Middle Ages, and zaymёmsya economic development forges made ​​in a very minimalist design. Originality and share humor bring something new to the boring monotony of the genre.
Epic QuestEpic Quest - Puzzle-style "three in a row" in which we take on the role of another warrior with the most noble, kind and altruistic thoughts and find ourselves in a very deep problems. Where he himself and started a as a character big and strong, but not very smart and clever. Honor disembarrass him out of this mess, of course, got us.
Samurai: War GameSamurai: War Game - easy and uncomplicated PvP strategy in real time the events that occur in medieval Japan. Gamers will participate in clan wars and strive not only to protect their family from destruction, and rise above the rest. But the dream of a complete seizure of power over the country still has not been banned.
 Anno: Build an Empire Anno - one of the best strategies for urban development in the history of geymdeva. We have built settlements and in the distant past and the future, and always found the developers than to surprise us and inspire. Anno: Build an Empire - this edition beloved by many games for mobile devices. Go into the unknown and fulfill his dream of becoming the ruler of the city-state.
 King of Thieves
King of Thieves - stealth-action - now a rare guest in the gaming industry. With beautiful graphics, it is a pity that you can not change the position of the camera; sayndtrekom melodic, easy to turn off, so as not to interfere; numerous locations (old miser tradition is only available training + 2 level, the rest all right to buy or ... hmm, still the thief will talk about :)).
 Rival Knights Rival Knights - is a project of the well-known and popular studio developer, made ​​a thinly veiled gameplay mechanics, but in a very original and unusual scenery. Middle Ages - time wise kings, castles, princesses, brave knights, and exciting activities referred tournaments. Become a legend in his own time!
 Mini Warriors Mini Warriors - strategy about the bloody war young soldiers and heroes. Beautiful graphics and interesting and exciting gameplay will please all commanders. You have to go to the military campaign and win the whole continent. Leave your mark in the history and legends of you will live for centuries.

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