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TimenautsTimenauts - hilarious strategy in the style of "The protection of towers" with nice graphics and extensive gameplay possibilities. Although the game is unlikely it will be possible to find something really new, but the humorous approach to the events significantly distinguishes it among all other odnozhanrovyh works. "No time to explain, people jump into the portal!"
Stone FarmStone Farm - one more casual toy related to "farm" and that once again does not bring anything new to the genre stagnant marsh to the state. In fact we have beautiful graphics, an isometric camera, an allusion to the original story and all of the same features as in all other similar projects, but in a different era.
Porta-PilotsPorta-Pilots - a new project from people who are very fond of history and all the forces trying to instill this feeling of the younger generation. And they do it very original - creating an exciting adventure game. At this time we are waiting for a fascinating journey through different eras using a time machine.
 Chronology Chronology - an exciting puzzle adventure, the events that will be developed in parallel in two time dimensions. You will find a wonderful hand-drawn graphics, high-quality story and a lot of fun to travel in search of the truth. Embark on a journey with a talented inventor and his friend snails to prevent the tragedy.
 Time Travel Escape Time Travel Escape - quest about time travel. Beautifully painted backgrounds, plain puzzles many levels and hidden from your eyes crystals reveals the secrets of the room, waiting for anyone who dare to step into the portal. The tour through the numerous historical epochs will appeal to all lovers of puzzles.
 Time Surfer Time Surfer - addictive arcade gameplay about his brave space wanderer who is trying to escape from imminent death. Simple controls and graphics in the spirit of the old games will appeal to all fans of dynamic projects. A different worlds, bonuses and incredibly practical ability to return to the timeline back only reinforce the impression.
 Twisted Worlds Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds - Quest game of a series of hidden object, despite the fact that this genre is widely presented on mobile devices, yet the new game from the studio Absolutist Games, which released one hit is not worthy of your attention. A main advantage of Twisted Worlds is a unique combination gameplay.

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