Paper Glider vs. Gnomes


Paper Glider vs.Gnomes - this is an excellent and very addictive arcade game with a well-designed graphics, good physics and pleasant sound.
Every element of the game worked in detail, allowing you to enjoy every minute of the game, it is important that the developers have paid much attention to physics, resulting in a realistic opportunity to fully enjoy the action in the game. Also worth mentioning is quite simple and convenient operation, which does not require you to no effort.
The essence of the game Paper Glider vs. Gnomes for Android is the destruction of yard gnomes, which will be located in the most intricate and challenging levels. For destruction at your disposal will be paper airplanes that are on board are a real bomb. That's really very impressive weapon to kill gnomes.
The game is somewhat reminiscent of the infamous Angry Birds, in particular, the principle of construction of some levels. You will need to break down barriers, such as message boards or glass blocks, with the expense of good physics looks very high quality.
In addition to the obstacles you have to just "smoke" gnomes that hid in tunnels under the ground, which, incidentally, is very difficult. Very pleased that the developers have come to the realization game with fantasy and except for the simple obstacles will come across various mechanisms, propellers, buttons and more, significantly diversifies the gameplay.
In each level, Paper Glider vs. Gnomes you will be given a few paper airplanes, and their number varies depending on the difficulty level. Each aircraft carries on board a bomb that can be reset at any place. Besides, the plane can also be a benefit, for example, they can be taken to ram an obstacle and throw a gnome from a height.
As mentioned, the control is simple and intuitive. To launch the airplane in the air, you need to click on it and drag your finger across the screen. Note that before starting to estimate its future path and, therefore, to choose the right angle of the flight and the initial height. Propulsion is also important, which is regulated by the sharpness and speed of movement of your finger.
Note that the paper airplane plans, which means that it will have a kind of trajectory that during the game you can easily calculate. To drop the bomb you just click on the plane, but keep in mind that the bomb will endure, and it falls on prepared paths, so it is best to drop it a little bit before the goal. After the fall of the bomb begins to burn the wick, and when it reaches the fuse, an explosion, but it does not always happen quickly. In particular, if the bomb is rolling down the slope, it will not explode until such time as a complete stop.
The game also has additional bonuses and some kinds of paper airplanes, but unfortunately, unlike the game, they have to be bought separately, and their price is not small.




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