Darts Master


Darts Master - in the game, you can feel the arrow flight, controlling their orientation, collecting gold on the way, and finally hit bullseye to get the high score. You can also compete with other masters of the archer through our global ranking system. The game has a rich game, including four modes. Each mode has a changeable wind so you have to adjust the accelerometer controls, respectively. Some goals can move left or right, you have to pay attention to it. Fortunately, we give you 5 times for each test mode except "Bullseye Expert" mode, and using the skills wisely can double your account up! 1. Easy mode allows you to collect gold easily in the sky. You can use the "Speed ​​Up" ability to avoid the effects of wind and "Slow Down" ability to accurately target bullseye. 2. Avoidance Mode asks you to prevent strikes shields in battle field and hit the "Enemy" objective. You can use the "shield" skill or "Slow Down" skill in. 3. Multi-Mode allows you to cross the ring ring consistently obstacles in the Chinese Great Wall and hit the target in the end. You can use the "two hands" the ability to create additional arrows to increase the likelihood of "Ring of crosses." "slow down" as the skill available in this mode. 4. most controversial mode "Bullseye Expert" mode, you need to control the orientation of the arrow just in the virtual dark hallway to hit the bull's eye. You do not have the ability to use this mode. You have to go into an apple for each flying Arrow to continue playing. This mode for real masters Archer! additional mode soon ...

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