Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery v.1.0.10


Every year the number of unusual projects is growing exponentially and has to date, we have about a hundred of these individuals, who may like to surprise and delight, and sometimes awkward situation. Superbrothers: Sword Sworcery EP, as time still a game in the latter category. Project developers do not just put the unprepared gamer in an awkward position, they will fancy their ideas are simply mind blowing and it turns out they beautiful!
Pixel universe

Grass, the bleating of sheep, shepherd, grunting something under his breath, as well as the maiden, clad in shining armor, and of a faithful dog, next to where to go his brave mistress. With this and start a psychedelic adventure in a world filled with magic and many more interesting things. It seems to be about like we have heard somewhere, and have seen many times, but imagine that the developers have managed to implement all this with pixel graphics.

Despite the fact that every character has a handful of small cubes, and the local environment does not use the full extent of modern technology, the local world is fascinating. We see that every bush, tree or the same sheep, made with love, inherent only true expert. And the sound, the sound makes this world real. In general, the assurances of developers, and personal impressions, the sound is the main feature of Superbrothers: Sword Sworcery EP.

He is alive, he can take the game as something more than a regular game for a couple of hours. Why are only tunes that are interwoven into one with nature. And yet the developers tried their best, writing almost to its original location of each topic, thus making your stay in a particular place, unforgettable.
Game with the mind

Superbrothers: Sword Sworcery EP is brought before us in the form of quests, which tells the story of the straightforward, as some Scythian girl goes out into a very ancient artifact with the strange name «Megatome». From the very beginning of the game she had difficulties, but thanks to the good Woodman, she quickly overcomes them and catches up with his target. And then it begins ... In general, the better it would be «Megatome» did not touch.

Consequences of which our valiant heroine unaware, like a bolt from the blue fell to her heavy load. Not only that, thanks to its actions from the sky went steady rain, so also the ghost tomivshiysya Finally, broke free and began to pursue the Scythian warrior.

And how many of you have guessed, it's all we have to fix, deciding with many bizarre and sometimes intractable what else logic brainteasers, meet interesting characters and is not a time to use his sword. Yes, in this game, in addition to interesting adventures and there is action.

When meeting with the enemy, our heroine bares his blade and stronger clutches his shield, followed by a battle. The last is a set of Quick Time Events where we have to turn to press the two buttons, one of whom is responsible for the hit, and the other to protect. The most interesting thing is that during the fight easier to navigate by sound, rather than the visual component of the game.

But still every battle, even with the usual enemy can turn you into a real test. Sometimes, one battle stretched for tens of minutes and you like zombie keep doing one attempt after another, in the hope that now surely gain the top.

But the clashes in the project is not so much, so long is the backbone of the travel and the study of this "mysterious" world, where we are gradually going to perform certain tasks. For example, we have to play on the poor lamb, each responsible for its own note.

In general, Superbrothers: Sword Sworcery EP has a huge number of puzzles, each of which differs from the previous one, which is more complicated and tricky, and most importantly even more insane. We can help the characters along the way, and as a faithful dog, who almost on every puzzle has his own, unique opinion. One is bad, all around us saying essentially consists of only one hundred and forty characters. If you look, all the messages in this game have this format.

Do not forget to mention «Megatome», thanks to whom we will be able to delve into the minds of all who we meet. Thus, we can find out all the thoughts in the minds of koi rest of these "poor fellows." By the way, this is another version of the tips given to players by the sponsors.
"You want me to tell you a story?"

The first time we get to the main menu of the game, the first thing that catches your eye - vinyl record. Spending on her arm, we run simple mechanism and eventually obtain beautiful melody trickling of our speakers. After that, a strange type, with a cigarette in hand, begins the story of a girl that went for a powerful artifact «Megatome» and sometimes he interrupts him, only for the fact that to speculate on abstract themes

Superbrothers: Sword Sworcery EP is not just a game, it is an experiment, and unlike other video game is more important and meaningful goal. Project was developed that would convey to us the hidden thought that each will own!

Version 1.0.10:
Path cache: SDcard/Android/Obb/com.capybaragames.sworcery/ - last file itself


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  • Posted by: Тук (guest), 2013-01-25 12:58:12
    Пиксельный шедевр, адвенчура в лучших традициях сказок. Музыкальный ряд, динамика происходящего - здесь есть всё, чтоб однажды вечером погрузиться в себя.

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    что за бред, не хочет кочать кэш

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