Rescue Roby - Save Robik v.1.4


Rescue Roby - «Robik Rescue" - a unique physical-based strategy game developed for a narrow age group of players from 7 to 100 years. With the game Rescue Roby «Save Robik" you will plunge into a world of adventure a little robot. The game has a unique storyline, stunning graphics, realistic physics, compelling characters and an exciting, diverse game mechanics. All this will provide you with hours of fascinating pastime with this exciting mobile game!

Playing "Save Robik" beckons you for an unknown in a fantastic adventure. Strange, but very cute robot Robic not passed factory quality control because of other robots, it looks and behaves like a white crow. And now, instead of having to send it to new owners want to put Robik for scrap!

Your mission
Your mission, unless of course you are ready to save the baby, is to help prevent malicious Robic unjust fate and quickly find a way out.
However, soon you will realize that this task is not for the faint of heart. Robic has to be careful, because on his way to freedom in danger of: moving conveyor belt, staggered outboard forest, exploding boxes and giant magnets: do not you know it, they attract all metal objects (including the robot!)
Salvation is a crane. Robic help to get into the basket, and watch as he races up to the next level.

Our Mission
Watch for new updates: even more exciting game zones, game mechanics, obstacles + challenges and the more advanced levels of the game - all for your endless mobile fun.

01/04 Version:

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