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Cordy Sky - many familiar robot Cordy back to us in good new toy, now he met a friend of Volta and they need to put in place is not an easy path to the sky, to fix the rocket and go traveling on ..
Studio SilverTree Media decided to revive the good old Cordelia (Cordy) and introduced a new game - Cordy Sky.
This time, everyone's favorite, the robot Cordy, were trapped in flight from Planet Planet 1.0 to 2.0 on a rocket. In the middle of the flight, he suddenly realized that he did not know how to operate the vehicle, and therefore not very happily landed on a hitherto unknown planet. On it he met a robot named V (Volt), who explained bungler that he fell to the Planet 1.2 and to get to it, the main character will have to get to the launch of Volta, which is hidden away somewhere high.
As you might guess, Cordy Sky - The classic game of jumping up a la Doodle Jump. Cordy jumps to the top by means of springs, standing on platforms and hanging in the air, collecting gear and fuel for engines. Engines help Cordy when he makes careless step and breaks down. Just Cordy Sky differs from most games of this kind that, in the air, our hero can make another small jump when the player clicks on the screen. By the way, the developers should consider three different types of control: taps on the screen, the accelerometer, and slides. The game has two modes: story and endless. Great cartoon graphics and animation, great music and sound. At the end of the level we are invited to play roulette, win a random prize. By the way, collected the gear we can buy our hero costumes and some improvements that will make Cordy fun. Monetized project also due to purchases of in-game store.

17608 Version:


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    no sirve para el galaxy ace ya lo probe,ni se tomen la molestia de istalarlo en el galaxy ace ese juego no jala pinche paguina culera

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