Furfur and Nublo v.1.1.0


Furfur and Nublo - you dive into the exciting world of Furfur and Nublo, where you need to help guide them through the level. You can play both single and for the other characters to switch between characters, solve puzzles.
The first character will be a big-eyed furry ball that can be rolled on a flat surface and a bit of bounce. Such opportunities are not unusual for the characters platformer, but the ability of the satellite ball - a flying eye - much more interesting than the fact that he can fly it also does not fear any obstacles.
You can control the heroes turn, and when you switch control flying eye on the ball, the eye stops at the place where you left it and flattened, serving as a stepping stone to further his companion, who climb to high altitudes difficult.

- 46 levels,
- Innovative gameplay
- 2 types of controls
- An exciting schedule
- Excellent sound atmosphere.

Version 1.1.0:


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