The Simpsons: Tapped Out v.4.1.3


The Simpsons ™: Tapped Out - we have to play for Homer, who with the rest of the Simpsons little family trying to restore the plant, and with it the work of the entire city.
Homer accidentally caused a reactor explosion that destroyed Springfield. Doe! Now you need to rebuild it! Immerse yourself in the city-planning game from the creators of The Simpsons, which allows you to build your own living, breathing Springfield ...

- Build Springfield as you want.
- Help to find Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and other members of his family and friends! (Even Ned Flanders.)
- Perform tasks to earn ... mmm, donuts!
- Makes Apu work ridiculously long shifts to "whip up".
- Grow and gather Tomac Farm Cletus.
- Have fun with the brewery Daffmenom Duff.
- Watch how your leisure, consumerism and gluttony stuffed your Prisposobometr.
- Enjoy exclusive animated inserts that fans will love the longest comedy on TV.
With HD-graphics you see enough of the green, green, yellow, very yellow, and much more.
Did you know that the game can be played in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Korean?

** When you first start the game download additional materials, the volume of which, depending on the device, can reach 175MB. We recommend that during the first game to connect to WIFI. To support the game also released regularly updated materials that require additional downloading at the moment they are released. Please be patient, as they are loaded (we promise it's worth it). **

- To play the game you will need an Internet connection, so make sure that your device is connected to it.
- Android does not allow players to Springfield to visit their friends.
- Saved games are not supported on different devices (each device its saving).

Version 4.1.3:


Path cache: data data
(Cash in hand to put his hands) for smartphones rutpravami!
that is, extract the folder and "" throw through a conductor (Root Explorer) in data data or download through wifi


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    По скринам вроде бы так себе.Кто нибудь ее играл отпишитесь ?

  • Posted by: Bruna (guest), 2013-04-06 15:31:36
    Oiii gente nao baixem este jogo... Ele traz virus para o seu Galaxy Y, eu tenho um Galaxy Y tambem... Mas tive que mandar para o conserto pelos virus que esse jogo colocou no meu celular... É um aviso nao baixem este jogo....

  • Posted by: Wprowadza (guest), 2013-04-07 22:55:40

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