Mouse Storm v.1.0


Mouse Storm - an exciting game for the training of attention and reaction! A good master in the kitchen is always clean and tidy, all the products in place. But what to do if you come for a mouse! And not just the mouse - is a trained team of professional thieves, who's aim is to destroy all your supplies cheese.
Do not let them steal your cheese! Collect all of the attention and energy - the mouse will not pass!
The game resembles a lot of similar games, where you need not to get no one to guard and gradually cut off pieces of the playing space, closing the perimeter. This time you just still find yourself in the role of that same guard. Mouse running around a delicious piece of cheese and the occasional attempt to cut off a piece and you have to stop them.
Uncomplicated game management plan and plot. You can play with one finger. If you ask for, we can draw the game more than an hour, then to show off to the social networks of their achievements. None Russian does not harm the game, because it is suitable even for children. By the way the levels of complexity, quite fall into children's, normal and crazy.
- Mouse-Marines - ordinary soldiers are predictable and easy to capture.
- Mouse-rocketeers - is insidious and fast fighters, their movements are unpredictable, be attentive and quick.
- Mouse-drillers - a dangerous division, they love will suddenly cause a mouse stroke and just as suddenly disappear
- Mouse-demolition - the most dangerous fighters mouse army. Utmost attention, do not step on the mouse with dynamite!

Version 1.0:


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    szar semmirevaló!!!!!!!!!!

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