Talking Putin - Putin Says!


Talking Putin - Putin Says! Perfect application published for the anniversary of the President of the Russian Federation. What would you have said, the President will repeat it! In addition, it also reminds you of his best sayings!

What's new in this version:
- Improved voice our permanent ruler!
- New animation - Putin dances Gangnam Style
- Added updated on all the action sounds
- Now you can eternal President shabby on the screen (grab it by the head, for example!)
Sacred Christmas update will overtake you!
Your attention is:
- New animation and tragic political statement!
- Fixed numerous bugs and updated - you can now watch live television NTV right in the app! But of course we will not tell you how!
- The growth of unemployment benefits by 146%
More Hell, more insanity, more than Russia!


ARMv6 version:


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