Animation Throwdown: TQFC

The plot in Animation Throwdown: TQFC begins with the fact that in the five universes at the same time until the rain fell, the heroes decided to play around with electricity. Unique synchronization events and the stupidity of the characters turn a few accidents in the incredible miracle. Chunks of worlds with their inhabitants were teleported to the strange place in the middle of a vast nowhere. Frightened by the incident and decided that it was out the fat guy or a strange robot (ROBOT !!!) to blame, they began mutuzit each other. And we have to take this thing is not directly involved. Choose a fighter, get your hands on deck and forward "to visit." Particular attention is paid to combining the cards. Combining two different properties, they can be transformed into a unique, which will be a real problem for the opponent. In general, more will continue long fights, as they will understand that there is.

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