Sea Battle - Battleships


Sea Battle - Battleships Lite - a unique system of naval warfare, previously unused in any game. The survival of mankind depends on you!
Not nothing remarkable earth day, then turned fatal for many. Unknown objects entered the Earth's atmosphere, in the Hawaiian Islands. In connection with the incident, the area of ​​the alleged fall, the forces were sent to the U.S. Navy and Russian Navy. The Americans came first, the last radio message received interception, spoke about the attack of unknown alien ships. After which the connection has been lost completely.
When went to the crash site Russian squadron of ships, did not say nothing about what's happening an hour earlier. Then suddenly in the distance, the sailors saw a faint ship silhouette which was not similar to any of the previously created on earth ships. In a matter of seconds, the sky was covered with green board incomprehensible. All communications squadron was interrupted. Almost all the radars were destroyed. Had little chance. Ships of the squadron were destroyed one by one. And only one destroyer were lucky to survive the massacre. But this difficulty you and your team did not end there.
Contact with the staff you have been ordered to keep the enemy to approach the combined forces of the U.S. and Russia. The survival of mankind depends on you!

- Unique system of naval warfare, previously unused in any game.
- Beautiful graphics. Which will help you to feel part of the ship.
- Great sound.
- The global table of records
- A very large number of enemy waves.
- HD resolution

Free version is limited. It includes a limited number of waves of attack. But this version without ads.


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