Benji Bananas


Benji Bananas - Help the little monkey to collect as many bananas, jumping from vine to vine. To capture the rope Tapan in the lower right corner of the display. Game is based on physics - with greater amplitude than a monkey swinging on a vine, the further and higher it flies. And thus it is necessary to show the tenacity and strength to not break or shatter!
As the game progresses, you will encounter various obstacles that need to be avoided, and a variety of bonuses to help you in passing. Many different traps and dangers waiting for the main character, but he's elated wonderful feeling and it helps him avoid even the most desperate situations! You can visit a waterfall, jungle, and the ruins of an ancient temple to open the next World monkey must score a certain minimum of bananas.

- Beautiful hand-drawn animation and
- A fun game based on physics (monkey swing on ropes to promote)
- Go through the different landscapes (the temple ruins, waterfalls and jungle)
- Collect fruits (bananas and chili) to get more updates
- Unlock special bonuses: a jetpack accelerator chili and ride on the eagle
- Wear a monkey in different ways (in ninja costume, mask)
- Different types of ropes (vines, snakes, burning rope, etc.)

What's new:
- Two player mode with three different goals! (Only on large screen devices)


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