Dragons of Atlantis


Join thousands of players to revive the former glory of the dragons in the game «Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon»! (This new game is not associated with an Internet version and is designed for mobile devices!)
Ancient Atlantis left and forgotten continent took fierce antropusy. Dragons are extinct. Only you afford to rebuild from the ruins of the city, to regain the lost knowledge of dragons and save Atlantis!

If you like games like Travian, but you do not want to spend a lot of time to lose and you have the extra money on toys, then you should pay attention to the Dragons of Atlantis. Perhaps you've played this game on the social network Google+. The gameplay is very simple, you need to rebuild your city, create armies and destroy everything around. For more effective expansion, you can buy dragons and appoint unit leaders. The increase depends on the amount of resources and the level of production facilities, so in the beginning they try to pump it. If you do not have the possibility of an infusion of funds, then you might have some difficulty. The rest of the game is fun.

Revive the glory of ATLANTIS
Bring back the lost knowledge of the Ancients
Find the dragon eggs!
Grow powerful and obedient to the will of your three-dimensional dragon
for battles with powerful dragon armor
Free the Atlantis from the fierce antropusov
Forming alliances with other players
Develop strategies on the fly directly in the chat
Possible alliance
Find alliances that fit your playing style!
High-definition graphics
With support for 1080p high-definition graphics
Tablet support all types and sizes

What's new:
New features
- Play for 13 different languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean!
Changes and improvements:
- New and improved map of the city with animation and special effects
- Improved icons items
- Many other improvements and bug fixes


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