Tank, 1990 (Tank Battle 1990)


Tank, 1990 (Tank Battle 1990) - plunge into the atmosphere of the good old dandy with original Tanchico. Do you remember the epic tank battles on your beau? Eagle again needs your protection!
Plunge into the atmosphere of the good old dandy. Destroy the hordes of enemy tanks, pick up bonuses, rubis together with your friends! Upload Tanchiki 1990 right now, protect the eagle!

"Be careful, the time for this game is flying very fast.» - Gagadget.ru
"The incredible thing that appealed to like and be liked and will never die!» - Androidlife.ru
"The result is unambiguous - download and play!» - Lifehacker.ru

You'll find:
- A classic Battle City campaign of 35 levels: set mode nightmare for real hardcore,
- New levels, Avenge Christmas tree from tanks Grinch
- Set levels of Stalingrad: Ask Fritz heat
- Mode Tank 1990: The gun, the ship and the enemies taking bonuses. This hardcore!
- Mode of the game for two: chop up enemies back to back together with your friend.

Coming soon: a game mode for two will be available through the Internet, and you can enjoy online battles with other players in the style of World of Tanks!

Authentic sounds, bonuses and behavior of enemy tanks are exact copies of the original Tanchiki a dandy. And if you tire of the levels of the campaign - the designer at your disposal.

If you love good old arcade games and shooting games, if you are a child of fanatel Sonic, Mario, Battle City and other games for NES and Sega, then you will definitely like Tank Battle. Upload Tanchiki 1990 now and follow the release of an update!

What's new:
Tankers! In this release you will find what you have been asked to:
-The original speed of the game: no more "aircraft in 1990"
Tank-mode 1990: The ship gun and enemies taking bonuses
-Redesigned multiplayer: lags thing of the past
-Lowered threshold points for Chrismas, multiplayer and Stalingrad
-Stable behavior on most devices


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