House of the Dead Overkill

First, we offer a choice of two main characters. One of them is a top secret agent code-named "G" and a mysterious past, the second - the canonical cool cop. A quiet and refined, the other rough, brutal and going through. Two completely different personalities have to join forces to survive in combat with hordes of zombies, forgive forgiveness mutants.
Two slots, under a variety of weapons in their properties, will pick up a universal set your taste, then you can start the game. Corpses, blood, meat, crashing shots convulsive recharge and bad breath zombies in your face, appeared to be very nimble and agile, in spite of his condition. A good system will cause damage to players to aim more precisely, and beautiful graphics will fully enjoy all this.
House of the Dead Overkill - very badsome shooting range that will appeal to all professional destroyers of the walking dead.

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