Heroes of Loot


Heroes of Loot - a game in which you find yourself in a mysterious cave to deal with countless enemies.
You will explore the ancient cave, which is filled with dangerous traps and populated by bloodthirsty monsters. Choose your hero, so load it up and hit the road. Look for valuable and useful items to help you survive.
After each pass through the maze will change its shape and become more and more. When you start the game, the dungeon will regenerate and grow and become more dangerous.

- Unlimited number of randomly generated dungeons
- Random quests that can reward you more prey, objects, experiences, and many others
- Four classes to choose from: Elf, Warrior, Wizard, and Valkyrie
- The Secret Area
- Special items of mysterious dungeons
- Large collection of loot and items for purchase to help you in your quests
- Always changing gameplay

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Keywords - retro-2D dungeon crawl, vagrants, game, golden ax, NetHack RPG, the game in style roguelike, rogue, adventure, role-playing game
Xperia PLAY is supported
Controller enabled MOGA
Green Throttle controller supported (available for co-op mode for 2 players!)
The console supports Nvidia Shield
+ Gaming Services Google Play


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