Angry Birds Star Wars 2


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 - Rovio released a continuation of the famous game Andry Birds Star Wars. Location - the legendary Star Wars universe!
In this part of the game you have to choose your side and play as a light or dark.

Angry Birds - one of the most popular mobile game, and rightly so. "Space" version of Star Wars (Angry Birds Star Wars) was incredibly popular, and Rovio has released a continuation of a favorite of the series. The new part will take us back into the universe of Star Wars, this time focusing on the events and characters from the first, second and third part of the famous saga.

Despite the fact that the overall mechanics has not changed since the days of Star Wars (yes, that really there, from the time of the first pieces of Angry Birds), this part has one important change - the opportunity to play for pigs. This means that for the first time since the Bad Piggies, players have the opportunity to play not for the birds, but their rivals.

Another big change - TELEPOD-shapes that can be "downloaded" to the game and give access to a number of unique birds that are copied from characters of Star Wars. Of course, before this, they will need to buy at the store.
There are other ways to obtain avian, as well as in-store where they can be unlocked.
If you are a huge fan of the Star Wars universe, or you do not like ads, you can buy a version without ads for $ 0.99. Free version with ads is also available, as before.

- Impressive new levels
- Heroes now more than 30
- Ability to play a good and evil side
- New feature "Jumper." Teleportation of your characters with the camera smartphone
- Replacement of a character in the slingshot at any time!
- Colorful graphics
- Dynamic gameplay


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  • Posted by: trava (guest), 2013-09-29 20:54:19
    Quando clico no presente o jogo trava mais fe resto ta tudo bem e o jogo e bom

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