Castle Clash (Battle Castles)


Castle Clash (Battle Castles) - an interesting strategy in the fantasy genre. Gathering resources, building construction, building an army and, of course, the magic - all this can be matched game. Castle Clash may well claim to be a model of tactical arcade with all of these elements.
Fantasy universe Castle Clash will take you to a never-ending journey through the world of elves, gnomes, robots and various vermin. The game has a few critical, in our view points, but the overall impression of the gameplay it is superior to most of the modern analogues for mobile platforms. High-quality graphics, a good balance in terms of the ratio of the opposing forces and the development of a large-scale system will allow you to tens or even hundreds of hours to develop and improve your castle.
Castle Clash require a network connection, but it does not mean that you are just waiting for online battles. The attacks, victories and defeats - all of this can happen without your participation. Just monitor key processes and leadership of a major campaigns, but otherwise this world live their lives. Initially the area for your settlement will be impregnable, straight to you no one gets on. Battles and confrontations occur in the dungeons, or as a separate offense, but only with your hand.
There are several types of resources, the workers, the main base, magic shop, an altar and a couple of heroes barracks - all pretty standard. In the same building as the soldiers are getting better in the other - we produce. The choice is given four types of units that are to reach level 5 you to explore more pumped form the same kind. In sum total, there are about 12 types of beings who have their advantages and disadvantages, from simple archers and Pyromancer to fairy dragons and robots. At the top of these units placed one or more characters, which also differ in their characteristics.
In the system itself and the development of a set of defined points of courage and precious stones, we will not go deep, we only note that it is not based on a banal collection of resources and winning battles. Much more attention should be implementation itself battles. In this case, you only need a competent start, manage soldiers after the "dust-" will not succeed.
"Dropping off" their troops at a certain place on the field of battle, you can only watch. They krushat everything in its path, but the law of self-preservation they obviously do not like. On the one hand, this feature looks like some original condition, on the other - it is sad to see how the hero is trying to destroy an ordinary building while under fire three to four towers. Often, because of this "obstinacy" you will lose the battle with the loss of the whole army.
Despite such features Castle Clash has more advantages than disadvantages. And every fan of the genre strategies with fantastical creatures and magic is definitely appreciated. If the standard conquest bored, you can always evaluate the forces in the battles between the players, for this, a special arena. Also diversifies the monotonous process of "live" in-game chat.

Game features:
- Build and upgrade your fortress!
- Simple and easy touch-control!
- Create the perfect army of a dozen wild warriors!
- Exciting, realistic and fast-growing battle!
- Point your heroes against other players in the arena!
- Tap and drag your finger across the screen to say powerful spells!
- Excellent graphics!
- Free-to-play fantastic strategy.


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