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TimenautsTimenauts - hilarious strategy in the style of "The protection of towers" with nice graphics and extensive gameplay possibilities. Although the game is unlikely it will be possible to find something really new, but the humorous approach to the events significantly distinguishes it among all other odnozhanrovyh works. "No time to explain, people jump into the portal!"
Clash RoyaleClash Royale - the new strategy from the creators of the legendary mega popular Clash of Clans. It combines several styles of game that will appeal greatly to fans of such entertainment. Only here Donat from the first seconds is not very intricately telling us about their existence. Apparently the financial success it was decided to repeat again.
Monster CastleMonster Castle - a fascinating blend of the protection of the castle, towers and the usual strategy. Everything else we here get a chance to go in the shoes of those who are accustomed to fighting in the average fantasy game. Nice graphics, great opportunities for development and construction, extensive wine and original story will please all lovers of the genre.
Artillery OnlineArtillery Online - an exciting arcade game designed mainly on online. In it we will be in Duel mode to compete in accuracy. The advantage over the enemy, and can provide a variety of power-ups and improvements. Before us is a good game that is easily absorb all your free time and ask for more.
Spell GateSpell Gate - a new arcade game from well-known developers from the studio HeroCraft. And this time we are waiting for a fascinating journey through the country in order to protect all settlements from enemy swords and arrows. Take on the role of the great magician and arrange a merry life invaders army soldiers and turn it into ashes.
 Fortress Fury To invent, invent, build in the mind and in reality, place the firing points, protects them, shoot, breaks, destroys - here are some basic lessons Fortress Fury. Pretty ordinary and not very interesting strategy designed for PvP fights. Nice graphics with no frills and a huge field for self-development, as a strategist, like everyone will like.
 Castle Wars Castle Wars - hilarious project in the genre of classical collectible card game, full of humor (sometimes, toilet level) and banter over their peers. Beautiful cartoon graphics and gameplay turns into a serious process of an exciting event. Become the most powerful wizard in all the islands to gather the best deck.
 Soldier vs Aliens

Soldier vs Aliens - You are the last surviving soldiers. One soldier against cruel alien swarm. Keep your position to repel wave after wave of invaders and clean the area of ​​aliens. Grab all of your weapons, starting with rifles, shotguns, laser, grenades and ending with a flamethrower ... You have only one obligation - to kill all!

 Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans - goal of the game, as in many online strategy is the development of its base, preventing attacks, and attacks on other players. It has all the criteria for a good game: beautiful graphics, fast loading and incredibly addictive gameplay.

 Castle Clash (Battle Castles)

Castle Clash (Battle Castles) - a fascinating battle strategy game in the genre of fantasy, with a wonderful combination of a fast-growing strategy and battle in which you have to create an army, build and fight to become the world's greatest military leaders.

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