Goblins Rush


Goblins Rush - frantic action game in the horizontal plane with a defensive strategy. Similar to Tower Defense! You need to resist the goblins action and the right strategy. Use your life and defeat hordes of goblins using fireballs, ice rays and various magic, which allows to install the tower.
Play money will allow you to destroy the goblins a variety of ways. Learn all the ways to combat the evil spirits: throw them on the ground, incinerate, turns to ice, push, etc Simple and effective gameplay Goblins Rush poses problems that have the power to all players. Do you have the perseverance to meet the challenges of tough regime "in the dark"?

24 items to unlock (Magic hats, crystal balls, creatures)
24 runes to unlock achievements in the game thanks
Improve your life with the help of crystals you collect
3 game modes ("Adventure", "Survival" and ... "In the Dark")
Level 72, divided into three modes
Rating Online (Leaderboard)


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