Vimala Defense Warlords

The story about the country fragmented civil strife, where every prince torn capture neighbor thus expanding its territory, as one of them and you have to speak.
Lovely menu offers us a choice of a campaign, PvP battles, as well as to choose one of the characters, buy it for useful thing in the store or see achivki.
Each of the characters can develop and improve, as well as to equip him all kinds of weapons and armor. They then will your strike force.
On the map are located in opposite corners of the capital and the various facilities under the control of the opposing sides, but to enter into a direct confrontation, you must first capture the neutral towns and villages occupied by bandits and other renegades. Worked out a plan and forward additional finish building fortifications and improve your city, that he would bring more revenue and turn-based battles allow use a variety of tactics and strategy.

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