Dead Walking - Survive Driver

This time zombiapokalipsis was quite casually, apparently affects the abundance of various content on this subject. Well, of course the world in ruins, the population was reduced to a minimum, but the survivors have adapted and now hidden behind tall fences with concrete bases. Living on the one hand, the dead on the other, all are satisfied.
But what if you decided to move with his family to another habitat? Take the car for more powerful and with a good cross, unload all their belongings to the roof and to hope that it does not break down in the middle of a horde of rabid gourmets new era.
Dead Walking - Survive Driver - this is an endless runner, in which, as usual, it is necessary to hold out as long as possible. Avoid obstacles and congestion, dodge the cadavers, they are very significantly reduce the serviceability of your band transport, collect coins and various bonuses. Everything, as always.

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