Chuggington: Ready to build

Chuggington: Ready to build provides the opportunity to build a city from scratch, playing for one of the charming trains. At the main character without a moment of rest, then there was a crash and you want to drill it using a platform with mining equipment, the oil spill and it is necessary to collect, it is necessary to repair the bridge replacing one of the sections. In addition under your jurisdiction to conduct the construction and infrastructure development.
This game will appeal not only to children but also to all the fans of the railway - beautiful graphics, a variety of models of rolling stock, special devices, dozens of jobs, interesting characters, day and night, a variety of building and construction, and all this is entirely in Russian, in including voiced speech and commentator.

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  • Posted by: дядя козак (guest), 2015-03-02 14:37:03

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