Rockin 'Goat

One night, one of the goats on the farm was thinking about his future and decided what he wanted to be. After going through all the possible options, he realized none of them it does not fit. Therefore, it was decided to try to fulfill the dream of his life - to become a rocker and collect your own group. By morning, he repainted wool in bright red color, put a leather jacket and abusive bleating after breaking a fence to conquer the music world.
Gameplay - this is an ordinary platformer, but the creation of which came with the maximum seriousness and responsibility. Pretty smart protagonist can smartly jump over obstacles and traps, as well as the butt, that there are forces. He also knows how to climb the steep wall and make sharp jerks. Along the way, you must collect gold plate (the local equivalent of money) and a variety of bonuses about musical subjects providing indisputable assistance.

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