LEGO® Ninjago Tournament

First we need to take a short course of a young soldier. To do this, follow the instructions precisely and patiently waiting for the teacher when will start the game itself. After learning some simple steps and easily passed the test task we may start to fight in the arena for the title. Dozens of enemies waiting for you on this difficult path. Attack, block their admission, do insidious grips chop jumping and with a quick swipe, get out from under the strike like a snake. Use your skills and crush any enemy.
Familiar from past series of characters you meet and the ability to unlock the legendary heroes and play for them will delight all fans of Lego universe.
The only flaws of the game - this is just one mode. But let's hope that LEGO ® Ninjago Tournament will soon be a serious addition and again we plunge into this exciting world.

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