Smeshariki. Legend of the Dragon

Gamers will be in the form of tourists on the island that is home to our heroes and get acquainted with them, with Ping, Nyushey, Sovunya and all the others. Meetings will take place in the order throughout the plot and to unlock all have to seriously work hard and help the many problems arising from the characters. Each of them solved the problem in the implementation of the mini-game. Varied and interesting, they really captured the imagination of young children. Fishing, flying on the mail plane, and many others. When finished with one, we go to the next and get the next batch of fun. In an excellent game graphics, qualitatively traced locations and high duration of gameplay. In addition, you can devote himself to the search for a unique trophy, it will give Smeshariki very clever and observant for the fulfillment of certain conditions.

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