Spin Hunters

Spin Hunters - is a plan view graphics in a retro style and simple gameplay mechanics. Where you just need to keep moving at a tiny platform and away from the meeting with the bloodthirsty creatures. In the opening event of our heroes will be a police officer and a hefty bull in a uniform prisoner. When it first started as the convoy drove to the new location of the second punishment. The strangest couple of companions to survive was in the middle of a huge traffic jam, and from all sides rod very moving cadavers to understand for what purpose. It would seem certain death, but freed from the handcuffs big man decided to use his comrade in misfortune in the form of weapons, cudgels and dismiss them from zombakov. The main thing not to let close to biting and then everything will be fine. Pick up coins can be spent on the improvement of the situation or the discovery of other scenarios.

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