Exorcist-Fantasy 3D Shooter


The Exorcist - 3D shooter in the style of dark fantasy with fast gameplay and stylish 3D-graphics (gameplay is similar to the Gun Bros and Eternity Warriors). Fight hordes of monsters using the power of magic and ranged weapons to cleanse the world of evil creatures and expansion. If during a battle you run out of ammo, the game will automatically allow you to buy more, without leaving the current session (as in Dead on Arrival).

The player has four slots for equipment, one for ranged weapons, one for items and two for the Magic. All the magic bullets and items are consumables. Enemies are suitable waves (each successive wave is stronger than the previous) and they are falling money when they die, which can be used to purchase items and improvements.

- Fast and exciting gameplay;
- Two types of control;
- Excellent HD 3D-graphics and rock music for the soundtrack;
- Special Attacks and consumables (potions and magic);
- A variety of equipment (armor and ranged weapons);
- Leveling and upgrade skills;
- 25 waves of enemies in one location (the rest of the content will be gradually added with updates);
- Achievements of OpenFeint
- Support tablet
- Optimizing the size of


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