UniWar HD


UniWar HD - a remarkable turn-based strategy game with deep gameplay. The game is easy to learn, with her sort out any newbie! A huge number of tactics. There is multiplayer! Compete, socialize with thousands of other players from different countries. The game supports offline modes - Campaign and custom, as well as online game with real players and bots. There is a rating that allows you to determine your level of skills. Turn-based game, you can make your move at any time within the limit. The limit is set and can be from ten minutes to three days. The developers have introduced the possibility of parallel battles, they can do twenty. Online-only one - the Internet, no bluetooth is not supported.
Match delayed for quite a long time, rarely short.

A. Tens of thousands of players from all over the world! Live games and live chat!
Two. Race 3 (8 units each).
Three. 50 cards (up to 8 players).
4. You can play as a team (2 vs 2 3 vs March 4 vs 4).
Five. The company of 21 missions.
6. The global online ranking.
7. Game chat.


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