Epic Defense - the Elements


Epic Defense - the Elements - Tower Defense is a game you never played before!

Most expect the level of killer games Tower Defense in 2012 --- Epic Defense - Elements!
There are no ads! Free download! No functions are blocked!

The story goes back to ancient times which is chaotic, Terran established rules of the ancient world, and the orcs were to cast their greedy eyes on the civilized cities of the Terran and tries to disturb the peace of the world.
Finally, they began to attack the Terrans, humans retreated one step after another ... and fall back to the old city walls.
There, humans' ancient magicians found the statute book and found the secret of food items.
The use of force elements will enhance Guard Tower Tower to develop supernatural powers that can be used to call the volcano, lightning, an iceberg ...

The counterattack is about to begin!

Key Features:
- The rich history of the background with 21 intricate levels, two different modes, three difficulty levels.
- Easy work: a drag on the construction, sliding to pick up, Fancy Design for device Android.
- Fluency in training: the adoption of our last game of search engine optimization HD cards, as well as the language of the game.
- A creative method of playing, heavy rock combining the system will bring you a completely different game experience of Tower Defense!
- RPG-like upgrade system make the game more challenging.

Now, the hero! Calling on powerful tower defense elements and withstand the attack of orcs!


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