Strikefleet Omega


Strikefleet Omega - is an exciting space strategy, in which you control a powerful fleet. After a terrible war, the Earth was completely destroyed, and you as the admiral of the fleet must stop the alien enemies to keep them from defeat last human colonies scattered across the galaxy. At your disposal are a variety of ships with different weapons, and hangars for fighters, with which you have to comb the star systems in order to destroy the principal alien spacecraft. Try to survive and to save humanity in this global space battle!

Go to the depths of space, along with his fleet! Game Strikefleet Omega will make you feel powerful space fleet admiral, whose goal is to save the remnants of mankind, scattered in small colonies. After a bloody battle and the stubborn defense of the Earth is still the army was destroyed by alien invaders. Regrouped, re-created the human fleet should go to a "crusade." Examine the system for the system, destroying enemy troops, knocking them from the occupied territories. But the main goal for you is the principal alien craft, it is only destroying it can guarantee the security of mankind.

At the beginning of the salvific mission of your order will be only a handful of ships, with which you'll need to clean the stellar system. Each ship carries on board a number of fighter planes, which make up the firepower. For each battle won you will receive resources and remuneration, which will allow you to develop your fleet, additional purchasing and improving their ships. However, except for fighters, you can destroy enemies with guns on board, though the possibility is not all ships. Battles in the game will take place quite rapidly, and the enemies will attack you in waves, which will allow you to recover and regroup.

The game was able to please the great graphics, although the design of deep space looks somewhat sparingly. But the study of different space ships, however, turned out great, which allows to consider even the smallest elements of each ship. As for effects, then the developers have been able to please: you will see a spectacular battle with the mass shooting, explosions and fragments of vessels. Interestingly, at first glance, the game can fill the scrolling shooter, but its multi-faceted gameplay in a few seconds, you completely take over.

Monitor the Navy you will be quite simple. Basically, you only need to specify the path of motion for your fighter, who already own will to destroy all enemy ships in its path. Enemies will attack from all sides, and this means that you have to act quickly and competently. It is important to be strategically placed your fighters that will allow you to not let the enemies to the carriers. But apart from the battles you have to also take care of gathering resources, using robots to collect minerals that are meteorites.

Strikefleet Omega will be of interest mainly fans of space strategy, you will be able to immerse your head in a battle with aliens. By the way, the game is free, however, while it has a DONUTS, although he does not force you to pour real money - and this is a huge plus.


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