Grave Defense HD


Grave Defense HD - the next step in the development of games of the genre "tower defense" for mobile platforms! The game takes the best from other games "tower defense", adding that many new features. This is - old school hardcore for Android! Perederni bolt and cooking to the fact that GRave Defense HD will carry your head off, soldier!

At Grave Defense HD is something such that is completely absent in others - the storyline! Follow the ups and downs of harrowing encounters with the BoS mutated zombies and terrifying boss monsters!
Post-apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war, the hordes of zombies hungry for human flesh ... But zombies - are not the only threats that you face. Be face to face with the most notorious historical figures a la Frankenstein, Dracula, and! Destroy the waves of mutants for 20and levels, using a fire, electricity, lasers and more. (Fire, water and copper pipes - pogart). Each battle is unique: visit exotic places like the Amazon rainforest, the Bermuda Triangle area and even strangers! Use a limited set of towers, some of which are much stronger than the other, identifying the best tactics and strategies for the survival of your team. Are you ready to be the last, best and only chance for survival of mankind?! Perederni bolt and cooking to the fact that GRave Defense HD will carry your head off, soldier!

Why GRave Defense HD?

GRave Defense HD includes all levels of GRave Defense Gold, plus a new and improved multi-screen levels, which you just have to tinker! Look for more multi-screen levels and campaigns from GRave Defense Silver in future updates!

New features in GRave Defense HD:

- The impressive high-definition graphics! All levels of the tower, mutants and special effects - now in HD!
- New developments, enemies and towers!
- New titles troop! Rose from the simple to the Chief of the ordinary!
- A new survival mode!
- More improvements to the towers!
- Earn more points and get the best result!
- The rating system online!

- Four modes of difficulty, from casual wear - up to MAD!
- New and improved features of the gameplay:
- The visible trail of monsters! Now you see where the critters are going to sneak!
- Visible Indicators and cooldowns towers! Improved performance tips towers vechnomenyayuscheysya combat situation
- Display of the money earned for each dead creature!

- New interface improvements:
- Improved combat the top screen.
- Animated briefings.
- Convenient choice of levels.
- Improved help system.


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