Little Alchemist

Your grandfather, old, wise and skillovany magician, part-time honorary alchemist, serving on vacation in a tropical country. And you, his young assistant, left to look after the economy.
One awkward movement and grim-looking vessel is broken into pieces. It turned out that it was an improvised prison for evil minions. Which for many generations tracked down and caught your ancestors. And now you have to clean the hometown of infernal invaders and bring them back to prison.
Each of which is unique and special person: Goth girl; witch, activist environmental front; lazy necromancer and others. Here's an example Vlad - he's a vampire-hipster who does not shy to use against you butylёk with holy water (up to what the world has come).
Collect the cards and create stunning combinations of them. Horse + man = centaur people + = liquid bubble with the magician. Hundreds of spells and hundreds of combos to help you overcome the most serious opponents.

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